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Athletic Paperwork for 2016-17
Athletic paperwork for 2016-17 should be filled out online except for the history/physical. Parents and students need to fill out the athletic paperwork online plus an actual form for the history/physical, which must be turned into Coach Dana Tomesch for girls and Coach Steve Butler for boys. Student athletes going into 7th and 9th grades or new to the school district or to athletics must have a physical performed; student athletes who were in athletics this past year going into 8th grade need only fill out and sign the history of this form. All the paperwork must be completed every year before a student athlete is allowed to participate in any form of athletics.

Instructions below:


over 2 years ago

All students planning to participate in athletics for AISD must complete this paperwork every year.  Only students going into 7th, 9th, & 11th grade are required to have a physical.  All paperwork must be completed and signed before a student athlete is allowed to participate in practices.

Diane Lloyd, MS, LAT, ATC        cell:  575-318-9694

        Head Athletic Trainer

Daniel Champagne, LAT                   cell:  210-487-0227

           Assistant Athletic Trainer


9 months ago

Andrews Middle School Athletics Policy


6th Grade Criteria to get into athletics:

1.     Must have a cleared physical on file with the school

2.     Must not have been a consistent discipline problem

3.     Must not have an attendance issue

4.     Must have a good classroom report from teachers

- If the athlete fails to meet any of the above requirements the athlete will still be able to try out for teams and participate after school if they make a team. If the athlete fixes the problems and keeps all other aspects of the student athlete requirements then he/she will be allowed into the athletic period after a 9 week observation period.

Criteria for being in athletics:

1.      Grades and discipline are the first and most important factor.

a.     Grades: The athlete’s most important job is to get the best education possible and give 100% effort in their classes. Failing to strive for that goal will result in the following:

                                               i.     Failing 2 consecutive 6 weeks will result in being removed from the program at semester

                                             ii.     Missing work will result in consequences:

1.     Physical consequences: extra running or other physical tasks will be assigned for missing assignments not turned in within 3 days of posting the list in locker rooms.

a.     Missing work will be posted on Monday morning and re-evaluated at the end of classes on Wednesday (final period before athletics). If missing work is not completed at that time then Black Friday will be assigned

b.     Missing an assigned Black Friday will result in 2 weeks of Black Friday or game suspension

c.     Consistent missing of Black Friday will result in being removed from athletic program

2.     Game suspensions: If physical consequences do not correct the situations then partial game or whole game suspensions will be handed out plus physical consequences will be assigned.

                                            iii.     Missing assigned tutorials:

1.     Physical consequences: extra running or other physical task will be assigned for missing an assigned tutorial.

2.     Game suspension: Missing multiple tutorial sessions will result in being suspended for a game or games plus physical consequences will be assigned.


b.     Discipline:

                                               i.     Athletic events:

1.     When athlete is watching a local event, in stands, on bus, in visiting locker room, or in restaurant the athlete will be expected to conduct themselves in a respectful, courteous, and team oriented behavior.

a.     Failure to follow those guidelines will result in one or more of the following consequences:      

                                                                                                     i.     Physical consequences: running or other physical task assigned if actions are minor.

                                                                                                   ii.     Game suspensions or travel privileges removed: if infraction is considered severe enough plus physical consequences.

                                                                                                  iii.     Removal from program: any actions that puts themselves or another person in danger, or causes monetary expenses to fix

2.     An athlete’s actions in the classroom and hallways will have consequences according to the severity of those actions

a.     Physical consequences: Running or other physical task will be assigned for any of the following:

                                                                                                     i.     Cheating

                                                                                                   ii.     Lying

                                                                                                  iii.     Disrespectfulness

                                                                                                  iv.     Horseplay (without physical harm done)

b.     Game suspensions: Physical consequences will be assigned with suspensions for any of the following:

                                                                                                     i.     Multiple offense of any of the above infractions

                                                                                                   ii.     Theft

                                                                                                  iii.     Fighting

                                                                                                  iv.     Horseplay that involves physical harm

c.     Removal from athletics: Any consistent actions of any of the above list (a or b), any offense that warrants a placement in DEAP, or agreement among coaches and administration that the individual’s actions are causing the team to be hurt will result in the athlete being removed.

3.     Re-entering athletics after being removed.

a.     If an athlete is removed from the program for a reason listed above, he/she can earn their way back in by correcting the issue while keeping all other facets of the requirements in good standing…grades, behavior, etc. for a duration set up by the Coach.

c.     Before removal of athlete from athletics:

                                               i.     Parents will be notified of any situation that is leading to the athlete being removed. The parent will be notified of what the athlete must do in order to get back in athletics as well.



Rules for locker room and equipment:

1.     Locker room:

a.     All lockers have an individualized lock and combination. You are responsible for the contents of that locker, both personal and athletic gear. The locker should be locked at all times and kept neat (athletic gear is to be hung up correctly each day).  The coaches, administration, or any other school personnel is NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost or stolen items from locker or locker room.

b.     No horseplay will be allowed. All horseplay will be handled by coaches with physical consequences listed above.

c.     Bullying WILL NOT be tolerated. Any bullying will be handled immediately and harshly. All physical aggressiveness needs to be saved for the playing surface.

d.     The locker room is to be kept neat at all times. All trash or left out equipment will result in team consequences the following practice.

e.     ANY vandalism in the locker room will result in being removed from the program or if no individual(s) come forward then the team will have running consequences.

2.     Equipment:

a.     All issued equipment will be worn for practice and games. No outside equipment will be allowed unless approved by Coach Guthrie, Coach Butler or prescribed by a doctor.

b.     If equipment has an issue or is broken it is YOUR responsibility to let coaches know immediately during or after practice.

c.     All lost items will be paid for before you are issued new equipment, and you will not play or practice until the equipment is replaced.

Practice and Games:

1.     Practices

a.     Your attendance to practice is mandatory. Any missed practice will result in makeup workout and loss of playing time. If there is reason you will miss the coaches need to know BEFORE you miss, not after. You can call the coaches or the office and have them leave a note for the coaches.

b.     Classroom tutorials should be taken care of BEFORE school. If you do not make the before school time and miss practice to go then you will have a makeup workout and missed playing time. TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS IN CLASS!!

c.     Parents are encouraged to come watch practice, but please stay off the practice surface and keep any comments until after practice. If parents become a distraction they will be asked to leave.


2.     Games

a.     Athletes will ride the bus to and from each contest. Only in emergency situations will they be permitted to leave with a parent as long as we have a written permission from that parent. At no time will they be allowed to travel home with anyone but their parents or legal guardians.

b.     Cell phones are encouraged and will be taken up by the coaches as we leave town and given back when we are 20 minutes from town so they can call for a ride. Please be available to pick them up as quickly as possible.

c.     If there is an issue that you need to talk to the coach about (unless it is an emergency: injury, etc) please schedule an appointment for the following day. We will not discuss games/practices/or any other items after a game or practice.

Injuries: Report all injuries to the coaches immediately

1.     Injury Protocol:

a.     Report injury to coaches/or trainer

b.     Report to trainer when assigned and do rehab/evaluations trainer has put in place

c.     Coach/trainer will refer athlete to a doctor if necessary

d.     Failure to follow these steps will result in athlete/athlete’s parents being responsible for all medical issues

2.     Immediate injuries:         

a.     If an injury should happen that needs immediate attention our medical trainer will evaluate, then he/she will make decision as to the next step. Parents will be notified as to what decisions have been made.

3.     Minor Injuries: injuries that are not a threat to life or limb

a.     These are the most common injuries. Please let our training staff evaluate and devise a plan that will return the athlete to 100% as quick, but as safe, as possible.

4.     Doctor’s Notes

a.     All doctor’s notes will be followed regardless to how the athlete is feeling (if note says two weeks then the athlete will be out two weeks, etc).

b.     All injuries that require an athlete to NOT participate in workout or game will need to have Trainer documentation or a doctor’s note. Parent’s notes will not be accepted.

c.     Illnesses that limit the athlete’s participation will be documented. Excessive illnesses will result in the athlete being removed from the program to insure the athlete’s health is taken care of first and foremost.

Teacher/Coach conferences

1.     If an issue arises that you see needs to be addressed, please set up a conference with the coach or coaches who are in charge of the athlete’s group.

2.     If the issue is not resolved please set up a meeting with the Middle School Coordinator  (Coach Butler – boys, or Coach Guthrie – girls)

3.     If the issue still persists please set up a conference with the Athletic Director (Coach Mason) to discuss the situation.

Parent signature: ___________________ Date: _______

Student signature: ___________________ Date: _______

By Steven Butler

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