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Athletic Paperwork for 2017-18
Athletic paperwork for 2017-18 should be filled out online except for the history/physical. Parents and students need to fill out the athletic paperwork online plus an actual form for the history/physical, which must be turned into Coach Holly Edwards for girls and Coach Andrew Tijernia for boys. Student athletes going into 7th and 9th grades or new to the school district or to athletics must have a physical performed; student athletes who were in athletics this past year going into 8th grade need only fill out and sign the history of this form. All the paperwork must be completed every year before a student athlete is allowed to participate in any form of athletics.

Instructions below:


7 months ago

All students planning to participate in athletics for AISD must complete this paperwork every year.  Only students going into 7th, 9th, & 11th grade are required to have a physical.  All paperwork must be completed and signed before a student athlete is allowed to participate in practices.

Diane Lloyd, MS, LAT, ATC        

cell:  575-318-9694

 Head Athletic Trainer

Daniel Champagne, LAT         

cell:  210-487-0227

 Assistant Athletic Trainer

8th/7th grade Football Equipment Handout
We will hand out football equipment for 8th grade on Monday Aug. 14th from 5 pm-7pm at the MS field house. We will hand out football equipment for 7th grade on Tuesday Aug. 15th from 3 pm- 5 pm at the MS field house. All online athletic paper work must be completed and an athletic physical must be on file to receive football equipment. Thank you, Coach Tijerina.